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Feb 2013

Filming for 2 Days Laughter

Just in from a six hour shoot in the toilets at Westcoast Bar, Margate (by kind permission of Eli). FREEZING cold. Actors’ hands and other…extremities…practically frozen. DP Samuel Pearce ( cut his hands on two dodgy lightbulbs before we even began shooting but, with a few cold chips and several slaps later, we wrapped.
Editing will be fun (where fun = lengthy, laborious, and about as hard as a piece of cheese that’s been left out for a month to go dry).

Performance at Sarah Thorne

The Sarah Thorne Adult Drama group were proudly nervous to perform a showcase of work from the ten week course we’d been attending since November. Our tutor, Amanda Croft, had given her last words of wisdom and we were all set to perform our four extracts.
I’d hired an 18th century Mariner outfit for the role of Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark. However, I then realised I needed to take off my somewhat anachronistic glasses, rendering me almost blind for the entire performance, which wasn’t too bad.

Also, tonight saw the first outing of “Toilet Humour” – an original sketch on a split stage which didn’t go down the pan….
Thanks for those who came to support:-)

Sights and Sounds 2

Happy to upload the first part of Nine Below Zero’s Sights & Sounds 2 today. This is a project I started work on over a year ago with the intention to release a DVD for them. However, so much has changed in the way people access music and video, the band decided to let the fans have free access to them via YouTube ( This is great but it worries me - if we can’t sell things we make how will we pay the bills so we can keep making things?
If you run fast someone will sponsor you because bookies can make money betting on (or against you). Artists need patrons or loyal fans. Preferably both.
I can’t run fast. Or slow.

Stationery trains without stationary.

So it took me about six hours to get to London yesterday from Broadstairs. This was because a) I was skimping on the High Speed ticket and b) we stopped halfway (not exactly but it’s an expression, right?) between Faversham and Tenyham. After several minutes, we began to realise something was amiss. Besides the very nice views of orchards to my right, I was beginning to get middy concerned that I would miss the theatre show I was booked to see at 8pm (Woman in Black). The conductor apologised several times and calmly reassured us that he also had no clue as to what the delay was but that his Blackberry would tell him in due course.
So I carried on reading Life of Pi.
And, about 3.14 hours later, having ascertained that some chavs had stolen the signalling cable at Sittingbourne (to what end, I know not - apparently it’s hard to fence because it’s obvious where it’s come from) we were herded onto replacement buses and, thence to London.
The most amusing thing was when the tannoy went on the stationery train asking to “please remain in seats and do NOT attempt to open the doors. Not only will you hold us up but there are 750000 volts running through the central rail and if you fall on it, you will die.”
Trying to update Facebook I mis-typed stationery and the predictive keyboard put it as an ‘a’.
Ironically I was in want of stationary on the way back to attempt the crossword as my iPad ran out of battery.