Tristan John S

Writer, Filmmaker, Musician

May 2013

Pre-Production for MAN BORN BLIND

Realised I haven’t blogged for a while. Currently in pre-production for adaptation of CS Lewis short story “The Man Born Blind.” Rehearsing in London on Thursday and hoping to shoot in late June. Trying to find Braille books is hard. Quite ironic for a sighted-person.
Also need to fashion model of principle actor to drop off cliff….

Christopher Jones Book 1 submitted

After several painful edits, taking on board lots of fantastically constructive criticism and insightful comments from friends, agents and willing ‘guinea pigs’, I submitted the first Christopher Jones novel The Lesser Evil for consideration to Inspired Quill publishing house. They’ve seen some sample chapters so now I just have to hold my breath….for a month….Meanwhile, CJ #2 (working title The Golden Rule) is a quarter of the way in….but stopping to read some Christopher Marlowe and do general research…
Oh, and mark GCSE papers. Boo.