Tristan John S

Writer, Filmmaker, Musician

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The Parachutist is a comedy in one act, set in 1943. 
When a parachutist lands in a tree, he is captured by a farm girl and taken back to her kitchen where a game of cat and mouse ensues.
The play was first performed in January 2010 at the Sarah Thorne Theatre, Broadstairs and was produced by Michael Wheatley Ward. It starred Amy Reynolds (nee Sandum) as Sophie, Kieron Stone as Fred and Samuel Pearce as Pierre.
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FRED Are we not the same, you and I? They say that we are enemies because we obey a different leader but we are both flesh and blood. Naked underneath these clothes, we have hearts that beat and stomachs that eat.
SOPHIE Stomachs don’t eat.
FRED Yes all right. Digest.

Are we not the same, you and I?
The Parachutist