Tristan John S

Writer, Filmmaker, Musician

"Fast As The World Was Falling"

Fast as the world was falling –
Through the hour glass of time
Whose sand was ever calling,
To grow old and decline;

There was a slower tempo
(Not in my beating heart
Which ever races, as you know
When we are kept apart

By time or other foolishness),
But rather in the breeze
Which set its lips to so impress
The sense of Socrates;

Upon my spirit: that I knew
For all I have achieved
Is as the dust that hotly blew
Across the beach: thus I perceived

That all I have is vanity:
To dust shall we return,
But what crepuscular beauty
Is in our wish to own

A moment more to treasure
In our retirement:
We’ll look back on, with pleasure
And never once repent.

And were that moment found, should we
Find Faust and hold fast to it – die
To other possibilities?
Until the sea becomes the sky?

I watch the limit of my sight
Reach the horizon of my mind
And sense the dying of the light
Which, at its midday height can blind,

As love does. But, perhaps, in truth;
It is a better vision and more real
Than what our eyes perceive in youth:
And is not true sight what we Feel?

For I have felt a stillness, new
Just as the world was falling, fast,
I have been falling into you,
Slowly, and surely. It shall last.

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