Tristan John S

Writer, Filmmaker, Musician


Poetry – the ultimate communion:
Two souls meet, momentarily,
Depart upon a journey of two methods,
To two destinations
To guess the hidden meaning in the

And through your inference, guess my implication –
Through knowledge of my inspiration;
Biography the key,
And social history,
A context to explain my words,
And more so, the words that I left out
(If I left any out at all).

“What does he mean by this or that?
Parenthesis a million times perhaps,
A flick of the pen
And what this
A word left out –
Or otherwise?”
What purpose serves the server well
With techniques and his

Enjambment – a device to bemuse the second soul.
No the authority is in the second not the first
Who holds the power of puzzlement
In the gaps.

And so the second eats the bread,
Ever hungry for more information
And yet the paradox that knowledge brings
When she who ate the fruit that measures sins
By first and last the blood wine satisfies
Communal conscience
To add your agenda to mine own,
And blame the poetry alone.

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